Everyone’s personal injury claim is going to be valued differently. While some injury claims may be similar, there are no two identical cases because there are a multitude of factors involved that can affect the value of a case.

A case’s value will depend on the following factors:

  • Extent of injuries. Depending on the extent of nerve damage you are suffering, your claim could be valued higher than someone with less serious injuries.
  • Medical bills. Compensation for medical expenses can include costs for an ER visit, hospital stay, exams, surgery, doctor visits, prescription costs, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.
  • Psychological expenses. Many victims of truck accidents need counseling for the mental trauma they endured or professional help dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the accident.
  • Future medical care. Some forms of nerve damage will require ongoing medical treatment and should be compensated accordingly.
  • Lost income. When an injured victim cannot return to work due to his or her injuries, compensation should include lost wages and benefits as well as future lost income.
  • Other compensation for pain and suffering and additional expenses.

Insurance companies have an estimate in mind for how much a nerve injury claim is worth, but it is important to note that adjusters are trained to settle claims for as little money as possible. You don’t have to accept the amount of money an insurance adjuster offers you. In fact, your injury claim will likely be greater than what an adjuster offers you initially. To learn more, request a free copy of our free book, The Maryland Auto Accident Guide.