Many victims of trucking accidents are left with emotional and psychological scars in addition to their physical injuries. Because of this, victims have been successful in suing for damages associated with mental and emotional trauma as well as physical injuries and other costs associated with the crash.

If you find that, months after your accident, you can’t get on with normal activities because you are experiencing flashbacks and nightmares, or you are feeling emotionally numb and hopeless, you may be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD can affect your ability to work and your quality of life. It can also strain personal relationships and lead to severe depression.

When it comes to collecting money for PTSD, evidence is key. This means that you will need to get tested for the disorder. If a mental health professional or forensic psychologist confirms you have PTSD, you will need to begin treatment immediately.

Because cases involving PTSD are complex, it is best to have an attorney involved from the very beginning to help you properly substantiate your claim for damages. This is because insurance companies are notorious for fighting PTSD claims since they want to get away with paying victims as little money as possible. However, if your injuries don’t just stop at the physical, you have a right to pursue emotional and psychological damages following a collision with a truck.

If you have been diagnosed with this condition, you need to make sure you don’t settle with the insurance company before knowing what your PTSD claim is really worth. To speak with a knowledgeable accident injury attorney, contact (301) 942-9118 for a free case consultation.