You’ve been through enough. You’ve dealt with a serious injury that you in no way caused. You’ve endured serious pain and emotional trauma. You deserve a break.

Instead, you get letter after letter from the hospital asking for payment. The insurance company offers a token sum that doesn’t even cover the hospital stay, let alone the doctor fees, medications, and surgery costs.

That’s when you decide it’s time to file a personal injury lawsuit against the person responsible for your injuries. That should be the end of it, right?

Unfortunately, you are likely just beginning the legal battle to get the compensation you deserve for your Maryland car crash injury.

When you’ve already gone through so much physical pain and emotional upheaval, the last thing you need is to deal with the hassle of a legal system that is confusing, time-consuming, and just plain frustrating.

You should be able to get the money you deserve right away, without a fight. After all, you’ve endured enough pain. Shouldn’t you be spared this additional frustration?

The insurance companies rarely see it that way. They see you as simply another number, another payout that affects their bottom line. Because they’re out to protect their own interests, they will likely fight you in court to keep their payout as low as possible.

We understand that you want the most for your injuries. You deserve it. You have the right to hold out for more money if you feel your injury warrants it. We will stand behind you 100 percent because we believe that our victims are worth every penny they demand.

You’ve been through enough. Let us handle the rest. For a free consultation, call the Rockville car accident attorneys of Nickelsporn & Lundin at 800-875-9700.

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