A serious car accident doesn’t just land you in the hospital, as if that weren’t enough. It doesn’t only leave you with a mountain of medical bills and a shelf full of painkillers, as if those wouldn’t be sufficient.

It also messes with your emotions. It leaves your memory forever scarred with the scene of that horrific Rockville car accident. It wreaks havoc on your ability to trust others, especially while on the road.

It can be hard to explain these internal struggles to someone who has never suffered through a traumatic event. They simply won’t understand. Yet it’s those internal battles that can be the most difficult to overcome. For example:

  • You might find yourself afraid of getting back behind the wheel of a car again after a serious Maryland car crash.
  • You may find yourself distrusting the good faith of others if you were involved in a hit-and-run accident or a crash where serious negligence was the cause.
  • You might grow despondent after months of living as a shut-in due to serious injuries.
  • You may have trouble enjoying activities that once brought you joy.

While others may not understand the emotional toll this accident has taken on you, you do have the right to request additional compensation for this pain and suffering.

Maryland state law allows victims to recoup damages both for their actual expenses (such as medical bills) and for their non-economic damages, which usually includes some set amount for what are called pain and suffering damages.

The idea behind pain and suffering compensation is to give victims the sense that their pain has not gone unnoticed. Nothing can undo the suffering you’ve had to endure, but at the very least the person responsible for your injuries can be required to pay you a little something extra for it.

When you’ve been the victim of serious injury due to someone else’s mistake, you deserve to be well compensated for your pain and suffering. To make sure you get the full amount you deserve, call an experienced Maryland car accident lawyer at Nickelsporn & Lundin at 800-875-9700.