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When you’ve lost someone you love to a Maryland motorcycle accident, you expect others to react with sympathy, compassion, and understanding. You expect them to honor the memory of your family member and treat them with dignity. You certainly don’t expect them to start accusing your loved one!

Perhaps the only pain worse than losing a loved one is having someone else tarnish the memory of the person you’ve just lost. Unfortunately, many times, an investigation into the cause of a crash can turn ugly. You may have to deal with pointed questions, accusations, and uncaring insurance agents who simply want to save their company money by placing the blame on your loved one.

To some extent, their questions are valid. It is necessary to determine the cause of the accident, and sadly, many Maryland motorcycle deaths are caused by operator error, including speeding and alcohol use. When that’s true, Maryland’s contributory law may prevent you and your family from being able to recoup damages to pay for your loved one’s last expenses. 

However, if you believe that your loved one is being wrongly accused of somehow contributing to the cause of the crash, you should talk to an experienced Maryland motorcycle accident lawyer who can help you protect your loved one’s memory and argue on behalf of the deceased.

Sometimes, you wind up with an investigator who is prejudiced against motorcycle riders and fails to do a complete investigation, instead just assuming that your loved one must have made a fatal mistake. That’s when an attorney can help get to the bottom of what really happened. To request a free consultation to see how we can help preserve your loved one’s dignity, call Nickelsporn and Lundin today at 800-875-9700.

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