One thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “senior citizens” is experience. In fact, seniors are often referred to as experienced drivers. However, even the most experienced driver can benefit from becoming safer behind the wheel. This is because driving is a skill that can always be improved upon.

Although seniors have been driving a long time and are considered some of the safest drivers, driving abilities can deteriorate with age. This is why sharpening one’s driving skills can help reduce the risk of crashing and ultimately unnecessary injuries.  

When seniors become affected by their deteriorating vision, slower reflexes, and other physical changes, their driving can be negatively impacted. It is important that elderly drivers take a close look at their skills and abilities in order to determine which area can be improved upon in order to be as safe as possible on the roads.

AAA Can Help Keep You Safely on the Road

One way senior drivers can improve their driving is by taking a refresher course. According to AAA, driver improvement courses can help senior drivers learn the newest driving techniques, understand the latest vehicle technologies such as lane-departure warning systems, and learn how to adjust for slower reflexes and other changes. Ultimately, a driver improvement course can help an aging individual become a safer driver and reduce crash risks.

Sometimes a simple refresher course is all that is needed in order to become a safer driver; however, some senior drivers shouldn’t be driving due to their health conditions. If you are worried about your ability to drive safely, or you are concerned about your elderly loved one’s safety on the road, AAA recommends elderly drivers take an annual interactive driving evaluation called Roadwise Review. The self-evaluation covers topics such as general mobility, neck flexibility, visual acuity, and more.

Because drivers age 85 and older have the highest rate of fatal crashes of any other age group, it is critical to reduce driving risks behind the wheel through self-evaluation and improvement courses. If you have found this blog helpful, some of your friends and family may also benefit from reading it. Please share it with them by clicking on your favorite social media icon to the left of the screen.

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