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Personal injury and family law attorney licensed to practice in Maryland and the District of Columbia
A rude, impatient driver cuts you off with no warning. “Use your blinker!” you yell in frustration as you pound on the brakes.

A near miss might leave you shaken up and annoyed at the lack of common courtesy on the road.

However, if that person’s failure to use their turn signal caused a devastating Rockville accident in which you were injured, you might be downright angry, and rightly so.

Did you know that Maryland driving law has very specific rules for using a turn signal?

There is so far nothing in the law that says drivers have to signal a lane change on the highway (although some legislators have tried to get that changed).

It is, however, the law, to signal a turn at an intersection.

In other words, if you’ve been hurt in a Maryland intersection accident because another driver didn’t use their blinker, you have every right to sue.

A Rockville accident attorney can help you prove your case. Call the experienced Rockville injury lawyers of Nickelsporn and Lundin today at 1-800-975-9700.
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