The occasional news article of a drunken school bus driver endangering the lives of dozens of children makes headlines and understandably angers parents everywhere. After all, when we place our children in someone else’s care, we expect them to make the safety of our children a top priority.

Thankfully, most school bus drivers do take this responsibility seriously. In fact, statistics from the National Academy of Sciences show that riding a school bus may actually be the safest way for your child to get to and from school. The NAS estimates that about 25 million children ride the bus to school each year. while another 25 million either walk or ride in another vehicle. Though these numbers are nearly identical, the number of accidents for each method of transportation is disproportionate:

  • More than 600 children each year die in an auto accident riding to school in a passenger vehicle.
  • Only five children die while riding the bus.
  • Car accidents claim the lives about 130 children walking to school each year.
  • School bus-stop accidents kill an average of 15 child pedestrians a year.
  • In 2006, seven people died in Maryland bus accidents and another 287 people were injured.

Of course, statistics mean very little when your child is the one injured in either type of accident. If someone you love has been injured or killed in a car or bus accident in Maryland, you may want to speak to an experienced Maryland auto accident attorney who can help you recoup damages for your loss. For a free consultation, call Nickelsporn and Lundin today at 800-875-9700.

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