You heard it in drivers’ ed. Your parents reminded you when you got your license. Maybe you’ve even had the opportunity to practice once or twice already.

Still, there’s little that’s fun about changing a tire. A flat always seems to occur at the worst time, such as when it’s raining or you’re already running late. It might be tempting to rush through the job, but it’s important to follow the following few safety steps to avoid becoming the latest Maryland auto accident victim.

Don’t Stop!

When you have a flat tire, your first instinct is to stop immediately, but that’s not always the safest option, especially if you blow a tire along the freeway. Try to find a safer spot to stop, such as:

  • A parking lot, preferably one that’s not too busy
  • A quiet residential road
  • An exit ramp
  • Avoiding stopping along a curve if possible
  • Avoiding anywhere with high traffic or blind spots

Slow ‘n Steady

Again, your natural inclination is to hurry and get the job done so that you can be on your way again. While efficiency is good, you don’t want to rush through the important steps of changing a tire. For example:

  • Take your time in making sure the jack is properly placed under the metal frame so that the car won’t suddenly fall when you start working on the tire.
  • Tightening all the lug nuts will take time, but, if they are not sufficiently tightened, you could lose yet another tire.

Do It Right

  • Be prepared — Always carry a spare tire, a jack, and a wrench in your car in case of an emergency.
  • Be patient — It’s hard to force yourself to slow down when you’re in a hurry, but don’t attempt to cut corners. The result could be a disastrous Silver Spring accident.
  • Have confidence — Changing a tire can seem daunting, but, with the right tools and the know-how, you can do it yourself. 

When the worst happens and your flat tire results in a serious Maryland car crash, contact a skilled Silver Spring accident attorney at 1-800-875-9700 to help get your life back on the road again.

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