Pop! Thud. Wobble wobble.

Not another blown tire! At the least, a flat tire is an inconvenience that takes time, work, and money. At its worst, a blown tire can cause a serious Maryland auto accident.

Why wait until you see the remains of your tire scattered along the highway? You can prevent a blown tire — and possibly serious injury from a wreck — by recognizing these top signs that you might need new tires:

  • Tread depth — This is the biggest telltale sign of how new or worn your tires are. If you insert a penny in between the grooves, the grooves should reach as far as Lincoln’s head. If they don’t, the tires are well worn and need to be replaced soon. You may also be able to find gauges at your local auto repair shop to complete the test.
  • Skidding — It’s common for a vehicle to skid during the first few minutes of a big rainstorm or snowstorm, but, if you seem to be skidding all the time, you should check your tires for other signs of wear.
  • Cracks in the sidewall — Though the sidewall of the tire might not actually touch the road, a crack in this area can still affect the integrity of the entire tire.
  • Bald spots — This refers to one small portion of the tire that is visibly worn. You should check for a bald spot if you notice your vehicle skidding at random times. Though the rest of the tire might look okay, a serious bald spot could cause your tire to blow out and lead to a serious Maryland auto accident.
  • Dry rot — If you see any fungus or mold that has permeated a part of a tire, you might want to get new tires. This is mostly common in vehicles that are seldom driven or in areas with lots of rain.
  • Wire showing — Commercial vehicles in particular see a lot of wear and tear in any given trip and are more susceptible to blown tires. A sign that your tire needs to be replaced soon is if you can see wire poking through the outer layer of the treads.
  • Tire type — Depending on the time of year, you might want to change out your tires to adapt to wet or winter road conditions. Not all tires are made for all types of driving conditions.

Have you already blown a tire? Did it result in a serious Silver Spring car accident with injuries to you or a loved one? Speak to an attorney to see if you are eligible for compensation to help pay those expensive medical bills.

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