It’s been two days since you crashed your motorcycle on Forest Glen and your injuries look worse than they did then. You refused to go to the Holy Cross, figuring your road rash wasn’t that bad. However, now you can barely move and the abrasions look dirty, shiny, and are still extremely painful.

Your wife forces you to go to the hospital, where they tell you that the abrasions should have been properly cleaned at the time of the accident, because they’re now infected and need to be opened in order to properly clean them and promote healing.

How should you clean and care for road rash after an accident, to help prevent infection?

Road Rash Care

Any type of scrape, abrasion, and skin wound can easily become infected, threatening your life or at the very least the area where the skin is damaged. Proper cleaning, care, and treatment are essential for road rash and motorcycle accident abrasion recovery. Follow these steps to help keep your wound clear of infection and to help prevent long-term internal damage.

  • Stabilize the injury – Apply pressure to badly bleeding areas and call for emergency medical care.
  • Identify and assess the severity of the wound – Does it need stitches, cleaning, or patching?
  • Assess any other injuries – Make sure you’re not seriously injured anywhere else, especially around the head, neck or spine.

If the wound isn’t serious and medical personnel aren’t attending to injury:

  • Clean area with warm water – Debris and dirt can quickly cause infections. Use sterilized tweezers to remove embedded debris.
  • Apply antibiotic ointment and a loose bandage – Cover the injured area to help prevent further debris from having contact with wound.
  • Gently wash wound at least once a day – Make sure to use soap and warm water.
  • Remove dressing and allow to heal – Once the wound stops oozing and is no longer shiny.

If you’re unsure of the severity of your injury, never assume it is minor; seek medical attention immediately for proper care and recovery instructions. Nerve, tissue, and muscle damage can become lifelong ailments if not treated immediately and correctly. Don’t take the chance—have a doctor assess the damage to make sure it isn’t severe.

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