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Want to keep yourself from becoming the victim of a nasty car wreck? The following safe driving tips can help you reduce your chances of landing in the ditch during bad weather:

1. Slow down!

This is the number one mistake of drivers who cause Maryland auto accidents in bad weather. They assume that they can drive at normal speeds, despite the change in road conditions. If the road is wet or icy from inclement weather, let off the gas pedal a bit.

2. Don’t crawl.

It is dangerous to speed along the highway in bad weather, but it can also be dangerous to go too much under the posted speed limit. This is especially true if other drivers around you are going quite a bit faster than you are. If you must slow down considerably more than other drivers, consider taking an alternate route on side roads.

3. Increase following distance.

Tailgaters are especially susceptible to accidents in bad weather because they cannot stop in time to avoid a Maryland car crash. It takes longer for your car to stop on a wet road, so be sure to give yourself plenty of room in case the car in front of you makes a sudden stop.

4. Increase your visibility.

It is hard to see through the rain on a dark night or a blinding snowstorm, but there are things you can do to increase visibility. In a snowstorm, make sure you have cleaned the snow off your car so you can see out the windows. Use your headlights on any dark, rainy or cloudy day. On a sunny day where the glare makes it hard to see, be sure to use the car’s visors and a pair of sunglasses.

Of course, even if you drive appropriately for the weather, you still can’t account for all of the other drivers on the road. If you find yourself the victim of a Maryland car wreck, call the experienced Maryland car accident lawyers of Nickelsporn and Lundin at 1-800-875-9700 to see how we can help you gain back control of your life.

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