If you became injured in an accident during bad weather, it may be easy for the at-fault driver to dismiss the crash as being due to “outside circumstances” over which he or she had no control. Weather conditions that Maryland car accident lawyers say frequently affect driving include:


Wet weather creates wet roads, making for slippery driving conditions. Drivers who don’t slow down in rainy conditions can easily cause a rear-end accident because they can’t stop in time to avoid a crash.


It’s no secret that winter weather contributes to hundreds of Maryland car accidents each year. Piles of snow make it difficult for drivers to properly maneuver their vehicles. Whiteouts blind drivers from others’ views. Hard-to-see black ice makes for especially dangerous and slippery roadways. 


We seldom hear about the dangers of good weather in regards to Maryland auto accidents, but sunny days can be hazardous to drivers. With sunshine beating down on the road, the glare can temporarily blind drivers to other vehicles, red lights, or other hazards on the road.

Will weather factors affect my compensation?

While it’s true that bad—or even good—weather can certainly contribute to serious Maryland car crashes, that does not give the person who caused the crash an “out” when it comes to owning up to their responsibility for your injuries. In many cases, the crash occurs because one driver failed to slow down to compensate for inclement weather conditions.

An experienced Silver Spring accident attorney can help ensure you get the compensation you deserve for injuries from a serious auto accident, even if weather was a contributing factor.

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