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Rockville accidents often occur at the intersections of busy city streets. When those accidents involve a truck, the chances of a severe injury increase. Drivers should be aware of the following risk factors of Maryland truck accidents:

1. Red Lights

A truck's inability to stop quickly makes for a dangerous situation at traffic lights. If the truck driver is not vigilant, he may not notice the light turning red and may be unable to stop in time.

2. Left Turns

Failure to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic is one of the top causes of intersection accidents involving trucks. It is difficult for a truck to stop if it is already in the process of turning, and any approaching vehicles with the right of way may collide with the truck.

3. Pedestrians

The small physical size of pedestrians and bicyclists compared to large trucks makes them easy to miss on a busy city street. Truck drivers must constantly be on the lookout for traffic, especially at intersections.

4. Tailgating

A truck driver who tailgates another vehicle too closely on a busy city street does not leave enough room to stop quickly to avoid an accident. This is especially dangerous when it comes to traffic lights, stop signs, or other intersections.
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