The dangers of high-speed freeway crashes with semi-trucks are well documented, but did you know that a large number of Maryland truck accidents occur on local city roads?

While high speeds, vehicles entering the freeway, and lane changes are common risks on the freeway, local roads come with their own set of risks, including:
  • Traffic lights
  • Four-way intersections
  • Left-turning vehicles
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Vehicles that make frequent stops, such as buses
  • Railroad crossings

A busy city road has traffic of all types going in every direction, making it that much more important for drivers to be vigilant. This is especially true for commercial drivers who can easily miss a small vehicle or pedestrian in one of their many blind spots.

In fact, one of the most common causes of Maryland truck accidents is the driver's failure to be alert.
Maryland truck drivers are trained to constantly be on the lookout for any potential obstacles several hundred feet ahead of them and around them, not just in their immediate vicinity. If they are not attentive to all traffic on the road, they may easily miss something and cause an accident.

Since they require extra time to stop, commercial drivers are also trained to maintain a four-second following distance - double the following distance recommended for other drivers. Failure to do so may cause them to run a red light or hit a slowing vehicle in front of them.

Just because you are driving on a slower-moving city street does not give the truck driver following you any reason to tailgate you. In fact, an experienced truck driver should recognize the extra activity on a busy street and increase their following distance.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Maryland auto accident involving an 18-wheeler or other big rig, you may want to talk to an experienced Rockville accident lawyer who can help you get compensation for your injuries.