Thousands of people are injured and die every year in collisions with large semi-trucks, and most of the people who suffer injuries and fatalities are drivers and passengers in vehicles that were struck by big rigs. While there are many causes of fatal trucking accidents, one common cause is truck driver inexperience.

Although truck drivers have completed some training to help them get their commercial driver’s license, it could have been inadequate training or just enough to help them pass the test and obtain their license. As a result, many truck drivers who get their licenses aren’t properly prepared. Even if they have received some instruction on how to handle an 80,000 pound vehicle, they may lack the necessary experience to handle emergency or hazardous situations that frequently occur on the roadway.

The Seriousness of Inexperienced Drivers

When drivers are young and lack driving experience, they may not be equipped to drive large trucks, and they may be at a higher risk for losing control of heavy trucks and crashing. Shockingly, there is legislation before the Senate that would drop the interstate truck driving age from 21 to 18. However, before teenagers are allowed to be behind the wheel of big rigs, some senators are asking for a study on whether 18-year-olds should be allowed to drive heavy trucks.

An inexperienced driver might not realize just how important it is to check tire pressure before a trip, secure a load, get adequate rest, and ensure the truck is maintained properly before hitting the road. In addition, a young or inexperienced truck driver might not fully grasp the dangers associated with texting and driving or participating in other forms of distracted driving. When you combine a truck driver like this behind the wheel of a heavy vehicle, it could spell disaster.

If you have suffered injuries or your loved one died in a truck wreck, it is possible it could have been caused by truck driver inexperience. To speak with us about your case and get your questions answered in a free consultation, call us at (301) 942-9118.

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