Love is blind. We want to believe the best about those we love, and when the truth comes out, it can be ugly. When you discover that your spouse has been cheating on you and lying about it, the pain can be overwhelming. You may be feeling:

  • Hurt that you weren’t enough for your spouse
  • Betrayed by all the lies
  • Angry that your spouse seems to care so little for you

It’s normal to have all sorts of mixed emotions, but be careful what you believe. Whether dealing with excuses from a cheating spouse, here are four lies you need not accept:

  1. “It’s my fault.”
    No matter the mistakes you might have made in your marriage, your spouse is the one who made the choice to cheat—not you. 
  2. “I could have stopped it.”
    Wishing that you had been a better wife or husband in order to somehow keep your spouse from seeking satisfaction elsewhere is just another way of placing the blame on yourself. 
  3. “I’m stupid to be so blind.”
    Yes, love is blind, but that doesn’t make you stupid. Don’t beat yourself up for not seeing the signs that your spouse was unfaithful. No one should expect their spouse to be unfaithful.
  4. “This is the end.”
    Whether or not an affair ends your marriage is entirely up to you and your spouse. Only you can determine whether you are willing and able to forgive and start over. Only your spouse can make the decision to stop the adultery and stay faithful.

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