“How could this have happened?” you wonder. “How did I not see it coming?”

Sometimes, there is no warning when a spouse is unfaithful. Other times, the signs are there if you know where to look. Below are seven indicators that your spouse might be cheating and/or thinking about leaving you: 

  1. Your spouse is private about social media.
    Maybe he is guarding his cell phone from you. Perhaps she recently changed all her passwords. Maybe you no longer see what your spouse posts on Facebook. These are all little red flags that your spouse might be hiding something—or someone.
  2. Your spouse’s looks have suddenly changed.
    A spouse who is suddenly putting a lot more effort into his or her appearance may very well be trying to reignite romance in your marriage. Then again, it might be for someone new.
  3. Your spouse has stopped sharing with you.
    People who are truly intimate typically share their dreams, feelings, and important events with each other. If your spouse no longer shares these thoughts with you, it’s possible that she is sharing them with someone else.
  4. Your spouse is not interested in sex.
    Sex is certainly not the only indicator of a good or bad marriage, but if your spouse’s interest has suddenly dropped, there may be another woman.
  5. Your spouse spends odd hours “at the office.”
    When a spouse who was always home on time is now working extra overtime for no apparent reason or goes back to work at odd hours, it’s possible that “work” is not work at all.
  6. Your spouse frequently leaves town for the weekend.
    It’s conceivable that he has a legitimate reason for being gone so much, but coupled with other warning signs, this might be a clue that your spouse is seeing someone else.
  7. Your spouse recently opened a personal bank account.
    It’s common for a person who is thinking of leaving her spouse to begin making preparations for a life alone or with someone else. Opening a bank account or a new credit card may be one of the first steps toward such a move.

There may be a reasonable explanation for any one of these actions. However, if you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, these may be indicators that you are correct.

Rather than being blindsided with divorce papers, approach your spouse directly. If he or she refuses to answer your questions, it might be time to consult with an experienced Maryland divorce lawyer at 800-875-9700.