Riding a motorcycle is a freeing feeling, but that same freedom can also leave you exposed to the elements—including bad weather. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the proper rain gear for riding a motorcycle:

Cold Rain Requires Insulation

You will need to dress differently for a cold, sleet-type of rain than for a warm rain. If you ride on cold rainy days, add a thermal layer and perhaps even a wool or fleece layer underneath your rain jacket. For a warm rainy day, you should be okay with just the rain jacket. Many riding experts recommend Gore-Tex gear or something similar.

Your Helmet Matters

Some helmets perform better in the rain than others. If you expect to be riding in the rain a lot, invest in a full-face helmet that does not fog up and that has vents to allow some airflow. Make sure it fits snugly, without too much space under the chin that could allow cold water to seep into the helmet. You may also want to get a chin guard and an anti-fog lens cleaner. If you don’t have a good helmet, you may be able to reduce fog by cracking your shield a bit.

Don’t Forget Hands and Feet

A motorcyclist relies greatly on his or her hands and feet to operate the bike. For that reason, it’s important that you not neglect these key areas when buying rain gear. Choose boots and gloves that will not only protect you from road rash or other injury in the case of a Maryland motorcycle accident but that will also keep out the rain. You can also buy covers to put over your regular motorcycle gloves or boots in case of rain.

Whenever you’re riding in the rain, it’s important that you dress for the weather. It could help protect you from hypothermia which could lead to disorientation and result in an accident. If you’ve been the victim of a rainy day motorcycle crash on the Beltway despite doing everything right to prevent a crash, you may want to contact a Maryland motorcycle accident attorney. We invite you to contact us directly via this website.


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