Merging onto a heavily-congested interstate at high rates of speed is a tricky maneuver for the most experienced and focused driver. Given that there are a lot of inexperienced and distracted drivers making these moves at any given moment, the risks to everyone on the road are obvious. When merging isn’t done right, it can be dangerous and cause drivers to slam on their brakes, swerve, and be involved in unnecessary collisions.

In order to prevent a car crash when merging, it is a good idea to be reminded of how to merge safely onto a highway. Here are seven important merging safety tips:

  1. Make sure your side mirrors are properly adjusted so that you see a small part of the side of the vehicle
  2. Yield to drivers on the highway since they have the right of way
  3. Adjust your speed to the flow of traffic
  4. Use your turn signal indicator
  5. Wait until the solid line ends before merging
  6. Cross over one lane of traffic at a time
  7. Don’t bring your car to a stop when merging, unless it is necessary or traffic is stopped

In addition to these tips, motorists need to drive defensively due to the unpredictability of other drivers’ actions. Unfortunately, many people drive distracted and aren’t looking out for other motorists. This is why drivers need to take precautions when merging into traffic.

If merging isn’t done correctly, a traffic accident can occur that can cost the involved drivers more than the inconvenience of a crash. This is because car accidents often produce various injuries that can be disabling and life-altering.

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