After my auto accident, I knew I needed a good lawyer. So, I hired the firm of Nickelsporn & Lundin. I didn't have to any money up front, and they took the fee out of the settlement. I didn't have to spend any money, and they were very judicious about the time I had to spend in their office. Nickelsporn & Lundin were very flexible with the hours, so I didn't have to miss work as well, just to have to meet them.

They made sure all my bills were covered, and I didn't end up in debt for an auto accident that wasn't my fault. The settlement was more that I ever thought. All I thought is probably by the time the fees came out and the bills were paid, I'd break even. I was shocked to get as much as I did without even having to spend a day in court. It was great.

I'm convinced Nickelsporn & Lundin made a huge difference in my case.

Maria R.