Posted on Oct 22, 2011
A teenage motorcyclist died Sept. 23 after fleeing a traffic stop around midnight in Carroll County.

Conor James O'Sullivan, 18, was traveling at high speeds near Taneytown and lost control of his motorcycle.

A Maryland State Police trooper had spotted O'Sullivan speeding along Highway 140 just outside of Westminster a few minutes before midnight.

When the trooper attempted to stop the motorcycle near Pleasant Valley Road, the rider waited until the trooper was close to him, and then took off.

The trooper notified area police to be on the lookout for the motorcycle. Police in Taneytown saw the motorcycle race through the city, traveling what they believed to be well over 100 miles an hour. The rider then turned north onto Harney Road.

Though police believe the accident happened shortly after the rider left Taneytown, the accident scene wasn't found until hours later.

A resident of Harney Road reported debris on an embankment near his house. When police arrived at the scene just before 8 a.m., they found O'Sullivan's body.

Police surmise that O'Sullivan was unable to make the turn in the road and hit a guardrail along the right side of the road. O'Sullivan, who was wearing a helmet at the time, was thrown from the motorcycle.

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office is investigating the accident. Police say the motorcycle was not registered but had a fraudulent Maryland registration tag.

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