Posted on Jun 18, 2011
A chain reaction of rear-ended vehicles led to nine injuries and a massive traffic snare along the Beltway on May 31, 2011.

The accident occurred just a few minutes before noon on the inner loop of Interstate 495, near Georgia Avenue in Montgomery County.

The accident began when a tractor-trailer rear-ended the car in front of it, which consequently caused the car to rear-ended another vehicle causing a chain reaction. Seven vehicles were involved in the accident, including the tractor-trailer and at least two SUVs.

Nine people were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, according to a spokesperson for Montgomery Fire and Rescue.

Five of those injured were classified as seriously injured and were taken to local trauma units. The other four, including a little girl, received minor injuries.

A portion of the highway was down to one lane for over three hours while crews cleaned up the accident scene and police started their investigation.

Maryland State Police are still trying to determine what caused the initial crash and who is at fault. So far, no charges have been made.

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