Posted on May 18, 2012

Two Maryland teens died in a car crash in Washington County on their way home from their high school prom the night of Saturday, May 5, 2012.

Brendon Edward Colliflower and Samantha Rae Kelly left their prom, which was being held at a hotel in West Virginia, shortly before midnight when the accident occurred.

They were heading back to a house, apparently for Kelly to change into clothes for after-prom activities. It is rumored that they were racing someone else to the house, but that story could not be verified.

What Washington County Sheriffs officers do know is that Colliflower was speeding when he lost control of the 2007 Honda sports car he was driving along the hilly, windy road.

As he tried to maneuver a sharp turn on Rench Road near Downsville Pike in Hagerstown, the car went off the road, skidded and hit a tree. Both teens were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Colliflower and Kelly, both 17 years old, were stand-out seniors at Williamsport High School. They were both on the honor roll and excelled in sports.

Colliflower, the top pitcher for the high school baseball team, had been named the All-County Pitcher of the Year by the local newspaper. Kelly was a star on the school’s volleyball team and its top female tennis player.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the fatal Maryland accident. 

Meanwhile, students from the high school brought sports memorabilia, flowers and letters to add to a makeshift memorial at the scene of the crash and at the two teens’ parking spots at school.

The attorneys at Nickelsporn and Lundin extend their sympathies to the families of Brendon Colliflower and Samantha Kelly as they mourn during this tragic time.

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