Posted on Nov 07, 2011
Two people were injured Oct. 19 when a civilian vehicle collided with a local fire truck that was returning from a call.

Engine No. 848 was driving along Annapolis Road near 85th Avenue in Lanham when another car tried to merge onto the road and collided with the front right side of the truck.

The truck stopped, but the car could not and hit two other vehicles in the intersection.

Two people were taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries, and one firefighter was taken to the hospital for evaluation of potential injuries.

The names of those injured or driving had not been released at deadline.

The truck was associated with West Lanham Hill Fire, according to a spokesperson for Prince George's County Fire.

Teen not guilty in distracted driving fatality

A jury determined Oct. 19 that a Maryland teen responsible for the 2010 crash that killed a man is not guilty of vehicular manslaughter.

Brittany Lynn Sadosky, 19, admitted she was talking on her cell phone that fateful May morning when she ran a stop sign along Route 301 in Prince George's County.

She hit a 1934 Chevy Street Rod, which Douglas and Rhonda Callahan were taking to a classic car show. Douglas, 51, was killed instantly, and Rhonda spent five weeks in the hospital due to her injuries.

Sadosky was charged with vehicular manslaughter, but a jury declared her not guilty, opting instead for a $500 fine and a point on her driver's license.

Local authorities were disappointed with the decision and said there needs to be a tougher law regarding distracted driving. 

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