“It’s broken,” your doctor announces following your trip to the emergency room after a Maryland motorcycle accident.

Your first thought might be that it’s no big deal. After all, people break legs all the time. Take it easy for a few weeks, get used to walking with crutches and you’re fine. Right?

Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Recovery from a serious fracture or break in the leg can be much more time-consuming and expensive than you think.

What is involved in treating a broken leg? When someone breaks a leg in a Maryland auto accident, he or she could very well be facing several months of recovery that include:

  • A visit to the emergency room
  • A splint or cast
  • Surgery to implant pins or rods
  • Surgery to remove pins or rods once healing is complete (in some cases)
  • Months of physical rehabilitation
  • Extended time away from work

A Maryland motorcycle accident has its own set of injuries. In addition to a broken leg, you may have received other injuries. Protective clothing can help, but even if well outfitted, you might have injuries that include:

  • Road rash from your body scraping along the pavement
  • Burns from your leg rubbing against hot parts of the motorcycle
  • Infection from foreign objects entering your skin

A motorcycle accident may seem similar to a car accident but has the potential to be much worse simply because a motorcycle does not provide the same kind of protection as a fully enclosed car with air bags.

If you or a family member has been injured in a Maryland motorcycle crash, you are likely facing a long recovery and expensive medical bills. You should speak to a skilled Rockville accident attorney who can help you get your life back to normal.

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