According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, 2.5 million eye injuries occur annually in this nation and approximately 50,000 people suffer partial or full vision loss. Although only a small percentage of eye injuries that make up these statistics occur as a result of motorcycle accidents, eye injuries and vision loss are possible outcomes in motorcycle crashes. This is why it is recommended that all motorcyclists and their passengers wear proper eye protection any time they are on their bikes.

Although Maryland motorcycle law requires eye protection or a windscreen when riding a motorcycle, motorcyclists still suffer eye injuries in crashes. This is because trauma to eyes can occur in an impact, as shattered glass can penetrate eyes or dirt and debris can get into eyes. Sadly, eye injuries can be traumatic events that result in partial or total loss of vision.

Some serious eye injuries that occur in motorcycle accidents include:

  • Eyelid lacerations. These injuries occur in traffic accidents when pieces of glass puncture the skin protecting the eye. Surgery may be necessary to repair the laceration.
  • Corneal injuries. These eye injuries happen when dirt, debris and other foreign bodies enter the eye and scratch the surface of the cornea. When this occurs, damage to the cornea takes place and a person can suffer from eye pain, swollen eyes, redness of the eye, and blurred vision.
  • Iris injuries. These injuries occur when an object pokes the eye or a blow to the eye takes place in an accident. This results in inflammation of the colored part of the eye and may result in some vision loss.
  • Hyphaema. This type of injury causes bleeding in the eye. The eye may appear as if it is filled with blood and a person may have eye pain and blurred vision.
  • Eye socket injuries. These injuries take place when blunt trauma to the eye occurs. This can lead to orbital bones being fractured and a sunken or bulging eye socket. When a motorcyclist suffers this type of injury, he or she may suffer from double vision and need surgery.
  • Retinal injuries. These eye injuries are serious and are caused by blunt force trauma. If a contusion to the retina occurs, the retina can tear and require emergency surgery. If an injury occurs to the center of the retina, vision loss is possible.
  • Optic nerve injuries. A blow to the head in a motorcycle accident can cause damage to the optic nerve. When this occurs, surgery is required and vision loss is very likely.

The Impact of Eye Injuries on Motorcycle Accident Victims

When people sustain eye injuries in motorcycle accidents, they can suffer from headaches, light sensitivity, double vision, blurred vision, partial vision loss, and blindness. Any type of eye injury can be serious and impact someone’s vision for the worse—forever changing one’s life. When victims of motorcycle accidents suffer from any of the aforementioned conditions, they might not be able to ride their motorcycles, take care of themselves, work, enjoy their families, participate in hobbies, and live life as they knew it.

How to Handle an Eye Injury After a Motorcycle Crash

The most important thing to do following an eye injury is to handle it promptly. If anything penetrated your eye, hit your eye, or if you see light flashes or specks in your eye after a motorcycle accident, it is critical that you seek immediate medical attention. While some eye injuries are minor, others are severe and require emergency surgery to repair the damage and limit vision loss.

If your eye injury or vision loss is the result of someone else’s negligence, you need to keep an account of your injuries, medical bills and other losses, and consult with an attorney about filing a personal injury claim for damages. You can call our law office today at (301) 942-9118 for a free consultation and learn about your rights to a financial recovery.