Whether you prefer the jean-clad look or ride decked out in leather, no amount of layering can protect you from every injury when it comes to a serious Maryland motorcycle accident.

Because motorcycle accidents provide less physical protection than do cars, injuries that do permanent damage are more likely to occur. Common types of disfiguring injuries include the following:

Facial injuries - Disfigurement to the face, particularly the teeth, is common in motorcycle accidents, especially if the person riding was not wearing a helmet when the accident occurred. Because the skin on the face is so thin, this area is particularly susceptible to all sorts of injuries.

Amputation - Losing a limb alters your life completely. Suddenly you have to relearn how to do daily tasks. You may need to be fitted with an expensive prosthetic and you may still deal with “phantom” pain from where the limb used to be.

Burns - Since the rider isn’t protected from the elements, serious burns from an on-fire engine or simply from the hot metal of the motorcycle can cause serious, lasting damage.

Scars - For the majority of injuries, scars begin to disappear within about two to three months. Larger, deeper scars may not disappear at all and may never disappear completely. In some cases, scars can cause lasting sensations of either pain or numbing as well as severe, chronic itching.

If you’ve suffered any type of disfiguring injury in a Maryland motorcycle crash, you may be feeling a deep sense of emotional damage in addition to the physical scarring. You don’t have to let this ruin your future.

You may be able to recoup damages from the person responsible for the crash to help pay for any necessary plastic surgery as well as extra compensation for your emotional and mental suffering.

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