You worried about him traveling all those miles with hazardous waste, but reassured yourself that his training was sufficient.

You cautioned her to be careful and hoped she would be safe from a fiery crash since she wasn’t driving a fuel truck.

You ran through potential scenarios in your mind, always hoping for the best but trying to prepare yourself for the worst. Still, no one is ever ready when that terrible phone call or knock on the door actually comes, telling you of a loved one’s death in a horrific Maryland truck accident.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the crash, you and your family might be eligible for compensation for funeral expenses following your loved one’s death. In general, the nearest of kin may file a lawsuit requesting compensation. Usually that is the spouse, parents, or children of the deceased.

Lawsuits regarding truck accidents in Maryland are extremely complicated and should not be undertaken alone. You may want to speak with an experienced Maryland truck accident attorney if:

  1. Your loved one experienced significant injury in a truck accident.
  2. Your loved one died in a truck accident.
  3. The insurance agent or trucking company is blaming your loved one for causing the accident.

A skilled attorney is even more crucial if your loved one was the truck driver because others often assume that the truck driver was responsible for the crash. This can affect the compensation that the driver, if he or she survived, or the driver’s family may receive.

When you’ve lost a loved one in a fiery Maryland truck accident, it can be difficult to function properly. You are expected to continue with life as normally as possible in the midst of severe grief and disruption to your family. You may be dealing with unexpected bills resulting from the accident or a sudden lack of income.

If this seems like more than you can handle, then rely on the care and experience of the Maryland truck crash attorneys at Nickelsporn & Lundin. We have dealt with these cases before, and we can handle all the details so that you are given the time you need to process your grief.

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