As the warmer weather arrives, motorcycles come out of hibernation. Through the inhospitable winter months, they have been stored in garages and sheds, just waiting for spring. Unfortunately, while they have been safe and sound out of the elements, drivers of cars have spent the winter forgetting all about the extra caution they should take around motorcycles, which makes early spring a very dangerous time for bikers. This is why it is important for all motorists to be reminded of how to share the road with motorcycles through the spring and summer.

The main goal for drivers of other vehicles should be to always be aware of their smaller, more vulnerable counterparts on the road. Here are five tips to help keep motorcyclists safe and help you avoid being in a crash with a motorcycle:

  1. Look for motorcycles before pulling out of parking lots.
  2. Check your mirrors and blind spots—looking out particularly for motorcycles—and always use your turn signals before changing lanes.
  3. Double check your side mirrors, rear view mirror, and blind spots before making any lane changes.
  4. Slow down when attempting to make a left- or right-hand turn and look for motorcycles before completing your turn.
  5. Don’t assume you can beat a motorcycle—its small size makes it difficult to determine how fast it’s approaching.

The majority of motorcycle wrecks are caused because drivers fail to see motorcycles. They pull out in front of them and make turns into their pathway. If you are in doubt as to how far away a motorcycle is or what its speed is, it is best to wait for the motorcycle to pass before turning left or right in front of it.

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