Did you know? Nearly three-fourths of Maryland auto accidents occur in the dark, and the majority of them (70 percent) are not caused by the driver but by the pedestrian.

That’s why the Maryland State Highway Administration has a program in place specifically to educate the public on safe pedestrian practices.  Its catchy slogan reads, “Pedestrians, walk smart! Drivers, do your part!”

Below are some of the tips suggested for pedestrians, young and old:

Be predictable.

Stay away from freeways and pedestrian-restricted areas. Use sidewalks and crosswalks wherever possible.

Check crosswalks.

A “walk” sign might mean that it’s your turn to cross, but that doesn’t mean that every driver on the road has stopped. Check to make sure that all traffic is actually stopped before moving into the crosswalk.

Look first.

When passing a vehicle that is stopped, look before you go to make sure the vehicle is not hiding any other traffic from your view.

Dress brightly.

To help drivers see you, wear bright, easy-to-see colors. Always use reflective gear when walking at dusk or nighttime.

Use sidewalks.

Sidewalks were created for your safety as a pedestrian. Use them. If there is no sidewalk, walk on the side of the road facing traffic so you can see and avoid all oncoming traffic.

Stand clear.

When waiting for the bus or another vehicle, stand at least 10 feet away from the edge of the road. This way the bus driver will see you clearly and you will not be in the way should a vehicle crash along the side of the road.

Don’t drink and walk.

Yes, drinking impairs pedestrians too. To be safe, avoid walking on public roads when you are drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Make eye contact.

Don’t assume the driver sees you. Make eye contact so that you know he or she has seen you before moving in front of a vehicle.

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