You absolutely hate driving on the Beltway during rush hour. It seems that semi-trucks are consistently weaving in and out of traffic every second. However, it’s still the fastest way to get home—so yet again, you’re stuck trying to get ahead of a large semi. You’re just about to pass the truck when all of a sudden you hear an explosion.

The semi-truck’s back tire blew out, causing the truck to swerve directly toward you. The car behind you speeds up to avoid the debris and now you are stuck between an oncoming SUV and an out of control semi. What do you do? 

Hazardous Risks of Being Caught Near a Truck Blowout

According to the NHTSA (National Highway and Transportations Safety Administration), truck tire blowouts are one of the major causes of truck accidents in the United States. When a semi’s tire fails, it doesn’t merely lose air and become flat—it basically explodes. A truck’s tire has a lot of weight and force put on it from the semi itself, and when a tear or puncture affects the tire’s structure, that weight forces all of the tire’s air out in one massive explosive force. This explosion not only causes instability to the truck, but also puts the lives of the surrounding drivers in danger.

These risks include:

  • Swerving, braking, or uncontrolled movements from fellow drivers as a result of the sudden explosion.
  • Potential for the truck to become unstable and swerve or tip over.
  • Cargo or hazardous material being flung onto the road as a result of the unstable truck.

Driving near a semi-truck can be stressful at the best of times, but when an unexpected issue, such as a blowout occurs, that stress can immediately turn to panic and poor judgment. Try to stay calm, assess the situation, and take the proper precautions to help avoid an accident.

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