Maryland is known for its hot summers and chilly winters. If you’re a motorcyclist, you may think you have to hang up your

helmet for the season due to the low temperatures, blustery wind, and icy conditions. The bad news is your chances of getting into an accident increase in the colder months because of the potential for inclement weather. Roads like 212 and 495 are often slick and difficult to maneuver in the winter and it may be harder to focus on the road when you’re shivering.

Biking in a Winter Wonderland

The good news is you don’t have cover up your bike and keep it in the garage until spring. With the help of the right tools and practices, you can stay warm and safe when you hit the road.

  • Eat before you ride. Noshing on a meal before you get on your bike provides nourishment for your mind, and warmth for your body. Your body has to heat up to burn calories, which will result in you staying warmer for longer. So go ahead and get seconds before you get on your bike.
  • Heated equipment. Motorcycle equipment retailers offer tools that can keep you nice and toasty when you hit the road. For instance, you can install heated grips to keep your fingers and hands warm and possibly prevent them from slipping and causing problems. Heated seats are also available and not only help you keep your core temperature up, but heat the blood in your body that is headed to your legs, feet, and toes, which can prevent dangerous numbing.
  • Extra layers. Forget the jeans or sweatpants during the winter; you’ll need to don a full-coverage jacket and pants combination or a suit. Also, a helmet that features a face mask can stop your eyes from watering and your cheeks from feeling completely numb, and wearing boots that feature a little wiggle room allows for heat retention.

Injured? We Can Help!

Wearing the proper gear allows you to keep your mind on the road instead of on how cold you are. Unfortunately, even if you are protected from the winter, it doesn’t mean you are protected from accidents.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, the attorneys of Nickelsporn and Lundin want to help. Contact us today to learn how.