It’s easy to blame the person behind the wheel. After all, he was the one who caused your Maryland truck accident, right?

Perhaps. In reality, it’s rarely as simple as that when it comes to truck accidents. Below are six common myths regarding truck accidents and the true—full story—behind them:

  1. Myth: Truck drivers purposely drive recklessly.
    Fact: Most truckers are working hard just to get the job done and get home safely. They frequently fight exhaustion, demanding deadlines, unfamiliar roads, and more—all factors that can lead to unsafe actions that cause serious Maryland truck accidents.
  2. Myth: Truck companies are big.
    Fact: The majority of the trucking companies that operate in Maryland are small and locally owned, according to the Maryland Motor Truck Association. The association lists nearly 11,200 trucking companies located throughout the state. The size of the trucking company may make a difference in how the company handles your personal injury lawsuit.
  3. Myth: The driver is always at fault.
    Fact: Truck accidents are rarely that simple. Just because the truck hit you doesn’t mean it was solely the driver’s fault. For example, an unevenly loaded truck and equipment malfunctions are issues that the truck driver does not control.
  4. Myth: Truck drivers aren’t hurt in the accidents.
    Fact: It’s true that most fatalities involved in a truck accident come from the other vehicles involved in the collision. However, truck drivers are often injured in auto accidents as well, and every year, hundreds of truckers die while on the job.
  5. Myth: The truck driver will never admit fault.
    Fact: The truck driver may well be aware of his part in causing the crash and may be truly sorry. Frequently, the trouble with pursuing a Maryland personal injury lawsuit has more to do with the insurance company who refuses to pay out than with the individual who was driving the truck.
  6. Myth: I don’t need a Maryland truck accident lawyer.
    Fact: If you want to get a fair settlement from insurance companies that are notoriously stingy in personal injury cases, it’s best to have good representation. 

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