You wear a helmet, signal your turns, and steer clear of other driver’s blind spots. Yet no matter how safely you ride, you can’t always compensate for other people’s mistakes. A devastating Maryland motorcycle crash can leave you injured physically as well as beat up emotionally.

How are you supposed to function normally when you’re in such pain? How do you handle the myriad of details that comes with serious injuries, accidents, and personal injury lawsuits?

Rest assured, you’re not alone. It’s easy to make a mistake that could affect your case after a Maryland motorcycle accident. That’s why we’re here. Below are five common don’ts that our Silver Spring accident attorneys think you should know:


  • Don’t admit fault. This is especially crucial in Maryland, where contributory negligence means that anyone who has contributed to the cause of the accident will get no compensation for injuries. Don’t apologize for something that may not even be your fault.
  • Don’t miss doctor appointments. It looks bad to those reviewing your case if you have missed multiple appointments. The other side may argue that you’re not badly hurt or that you have somehow contributed to your injuries by not using the medical care available to you.
  • Don’t talk to the other person’s insurance agent. While the insurance representative may pressure you for a statement, you are within your legal rights to decline. It’s a little-known secret that you are only required to talk to your own insurance company.
  • Don’t sign anything. Above all, do not sign any paper given you by the other person’s insurance agent. This greatly limits your ability to recoup adequate compensation for your Maryland motorcycle accident injuries.
  • Don’t go it alone. People often make the mistake of trying to settle their personal injury case on their own. While that may work in some cases, motorcycle accidents typically involve serious — and expensive — injuries. It’s to your benefit to hire an experienced Silver Spring accident attorney who can help you get the best compensation possible.

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