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It's common to suffer a concussion if you've hit your head in an auto accident.  People often hit their head on the headrest, steering window, windshield, side support beam or roof of the car.  According to the Mayo Clinic, common signs and symptoms of a concussion include:

1.  Headache or a feeling of pressure in the head

2.  Temporary loss of consciousness

3.  Confusion or feeling as if in a fog

4.  Amnesia surroundidng the traumatic event

5.  Dizziness or "seeing stars"

6.  Ringing in the ears

7.  Nausea or vomiting

8.  Slurred speech

9.  Fatigue

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should seek immediate medical attention.  The recovery period for a concussion can extend a long time, and it's important for your case and your full recovery that you continue to tell your doctor about these symptoms for as long as you experience them.