No parent wants to get the phone call that there’s been a Maryland car accident involving their child. Yet many parents get that devastating call—often on a night that should be a celebration.

Prom and graduation nights are two of the deadliest nights for car accidents involving teens. It’s the two nights of the year when teens are most likely to be out late partying, possibly consuming alcoholic beverages and driving in the early morning hours.

To keep your child safe on prom (and graduation), here are five tips that might be helpful:

1. Know their plans

Ask your teen what his or her plans are for prom night. Be particularly aware of plans for after the dance, which is when many fatal teen car accidents in Frederick, Silver Spring, and Rockville occur.

2. Volunteer

Your teen may not like this idea, but you can offer assurance that you will not be intrusive. Volunteer to chaperone the dance or after-prom party, or offer to be a personal chauffer for your teen’s group of friends.

3. Organize after-prom events

Many high schools now have lock-ins or other after-prom events intended to keep teens safe throughout the early morning hours. If your teen’s school doesn’t already have such an activity, you could be the one to suggest it.

4. Go ahead: Give the lecture

Yes, you may get the groan and roll of the eyes, but it’s important that your teen know your stance on such common prom problems as teen drinking, drinking and driving, and speeding. You will not regret giving this refresher, but you may regret skipping it.

5. Be realistic

You know your teen and the crowd he or she hangs out with at school. If it’s likely that they will be drinking despite your wishes, then at least suggest (firmly) that there be a designated driver. To minimize peer pressure, sit down with your teen and rehearse possible scenarios including “outs” for your teen to avoid these situations.

If your teen has already been injured in a Maryland auto accident, or if you’ve recently lost your teen to a crash, our hearts go out to you. We know this is a difficult time, and we would like to help. For a free consultation, call the experienced Southern Maryland accident lawyers of Nickelsporn & Lundin at (800) 875-9700.