A drunk driver speeds down the road, weaving back and forth until they cross the median and collide head-on with an innocent motorist.

The mental image of a head-on collision is terrifying. It's common knowledge that head-on collisions are frequently deadly Maryland car accidents.

Statistics show that only 2% of all car accidents in the U.S. are head-on collisions, yet those few head-on collisions account for 10% of all traffic fatalities in the nation.

So what makes head-on collisions so much more deadly than other Rockville car accidents?

Physics can answer that question. When two vehicles going in opposite directions collide, their momentum has nowhere else to go but directly into the other vehicle. This momentum transfer causes the drivers to be subjected to a significantly larger amount of force than other kinds of accidents. This is why serious injury can occur even in a low speed head-on collision.

Head-on collisions typically occur when one vehicle crosses the dividing line into oncoming traffic, or when one vehicle is going the wrong way on a one-way street. It's typically easy to determine who was at fault in a head-on collision, but that does nothing to ease your pain.

While the stereotypical drunk driver certainly causes a share of Maryland auto accidents, any type of driver distraction can cause one's vehicle to veer into oncoming traffic. While drunk or distracted driving can cause a head-on collision, other scenarios like bad weather, debris on the road, or a tire blowout can also lead to a disastrous crash.

Injuries to the feet and legs are particularly common in head-on collisions because the impact occurs at the front of the car. Even minor head-on crashes can cause serious injury. Whether your ankle was twisted in the pedals, your kneecap smashed into the steering wheel, or your hip bore the brunt of the impact, you may be facing months of recovery after your head-on crash in Maryland.

Higher speeds increase the likelihood of significant injury or death. Traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord damage are among the most life-changing injuries that can occur in a serious head-on collision.

If you've been seriously hurt in an accident, you may still benefit from talking to an experienced Maryland accident attorney even if it is obvious who is at fault.

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