The accident is all one big blur in your mind. There were so many vehicles coming at you from every direction, it’s hard to piece together exactly what happened. All you know for sure is that you were hit. Now you’re left stunned, hurt and unsure of what to do.

More Drivers Means More Blame

When multiple cars are involved in an auto accident on the Beltway, it can be difficult to determine what exactly caused the initial crash. Multiple-vehicle auto accidents can occur when:

  • One driver rear-ends another, who then rear-ends a third and so-forth, causing a chain-reaction crash.
  • A driver careens out of control, hitting two or more vehicles in the process.
  • A driver hits another car, which then loses control and crashes into another.
  • Three or more drivers collide in the middle of an intersection.

In some cases, more than one person is partially responsible for the crash. Other times, one person’s actions cause several drivers to lose control through no fault of their own. Because more vehicles are involved, unraveling the cause of the crash may be more complicated and time consuming than usual. The potential for more people to play the blame game is also higher—further frustrating the situation.

Bigger Collisions Lead to Bigger Injuries

When more than two vehicles are involved, the potential for serious injury goes up considerably. Your car may be able to withstand one impact, but what happens when the airbags have already deployed and you are hit yet again in an already compromised vehicle? If you were the victim of a serious accident involving multiple vehicles, you may be dealing with significant injury and expensive medical bills. To make sure you are getting the full amount of compensation you deserve, request your free copy of our book, 10 Tips to Get the Maximum Compensation After a Maryland Auto Accident.