You Get PIP Benefits Even If You Own Another Vehicle That Is Not Insured

Yes, you are entitled to your PIP benefits if you are occupying your vehicle that is insured with PIP coverage, even if you own a second vehicle that is uninsured.

In 1999 the Court of Appeals in Maryland ruled in the Perry case that Mr. Perry, who was injured in an accident while driving his insured vehicle with $2500 PIP coverage, was entitled to collect his PIP benefits from his insurer, the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (MAIF).  Mr. Perry was entitled to his $2500 PIP benefits even though he owned another vehicle that was uninsured at the time.

Exclusions - Personal Injury Protection Coverage

Other exclusions can apply, however.  They include an individual who (1) intentionally causes the accident; (2) is a non-resident injured as a pedestrian in an accident that occurs outside Maryland; (3) is injured while driving or voluntarily riding in a vehicle he or she knows is stolen; (4) or is injured in a car accident while committing a felony or fleeing or eluding the police.

Increase Your Personal Injury Protection Coverage

We recommend that you review your insurance policy and make sure that you have not waived your PIP.  You should contact your agent or company to confirm that you have PIP and the amount of your PIP benefits.  While on the phone, we also recommend that you increase your PIP coverage to $5,000 or $10,000.  The premium for PIP coverage is not expensive, and these benefits are very important to providing you and your family and others in your car with financial comensation in the event of an accident.  PIP pays for lost income, medical bills and other essential services.

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