Many car accident injuries are obviously serious. For example, an open head wound accompanied by bleeding will earn you an immediate trip to the hospital.

Other injuries may not be as noticeable, but they can be just as dangerous. For example, what you initially dismissed as "just a little bump" from hitting the steering wheel in a Maryland auto accident could actually be a serious head injury.

Car accidents are the number one cause for traumatic brain injuries in the United States. A sudden blow to the head may not result in immediate symptoms, but you may have a serious injury if you are struggling with any of the following symptoms in the days after a car accident:
  • Constant headache
  • Concentration issues
  • Loss of any of the senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste)
  • Clumsiness or trouble moving any of the limbs
  • Speech problems
Doctors categorize head injuries in two ways: as "open head injuries" (the skull is fractured) or as "closed head injuries" (no fracture).

While any brain injury can cause significant damage, a closed head injury may be accompanied by internal bleeding or swelling that causes damage by adding pressure on the brain.

Closed head injuries tend to be more difficult for doctors to diagnose and treat. These types of head injuries may leave you with ongoing health issues, a lifetime of doctor visits, or even a permanent disability.

Do not take head injuries lightly, and do not let a greedy insurance adjuster cheat you out of getting full compensation.

A closed head injury can change your life, and you may need help keeping your future secure. An experienced Montgomery County attorney can help you get damages to pay for both your current and future medical bills.

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