When you drive a motorcycle, there is only so much you can do to prevent a motorcycle accident. After all, you can’t account for everyone else’s actions on the road.

You can, however, take steps to ensure that if you are in an accident, you’ve done everything possible to prevent serious injury. Here are a few tips to help you survive the aftermath of a Maryland motorcycle accident:

Wear proper clothing.

Resist the urge to wear a t-shirt and shorts on a hot day. At the very least, jeans and a long-sleeve shirt can help protect your skin from road rash. Padded motorcycle clothing will go even further in protecting your body from serious injury in a crash.

Wear a helmet.

Helmets are proven to save lives. In the chance that you do find yourself in a serious Maryland motorcycle accident, a helmet could be the difference between a serious injury and dying.

Steer clear of blind spots.

One of the most common excuses following a Maryland motorcycle crash is that the other vehicle simply didn’t see the motorcycle. Do your best to stay out of other drivers’ blind spots. This way, even if you find yourself in an accident, the other driver can’t blame you for being in their blind spot and causing it.

Signal your turns.

Using blinkers or hand signals can help other drivers know what you are doing so they can be prepared. It can also help prove in an accident investigation that you were driving safely and the accident was not your fault.

Don’t follow too closely.

Tailgating is even more dangerous if you are on a motorcycle. Even if you miss hitting the other vehicle, motorcycle riders are more likely to be thrown from the bike and be seriously injured when forced to make a sudden stop. Give yourself a lot of space to lessen the impact of or to avoid a serious accident. 

If you or a family member has been injured in a Maryland auto accident, or if you have lost someone you love to a motorcycle crash, talk to an experienced Maryland motorcycle accident lawyer today at 1-800-875-9700.