Motorcycle road rash, a common injury from a Maryland auto accident, is anything but a simple rash.
Typically, when a motorcyclist crashes, they are thrown from the bike, often skidding or bouncing several times on hard pavement. In some cases, they may be trapped between the sliding motorcycle and the ground.

The resulting injuries often cover a large part of the body, are extremely painful, and take a long time to heal. Even a motorcyclist who is wearing layers of clothing can still fall victim to the painful effects of road rash.

Doctors generally divide road rash, also known as road burn, into three main categories:

An avulsion is any type of injury where a part of the body is torn apart. For road rash, this means that the top layers of the skin have been completely torn off, exposing muscle, tissue, and in extreme cases, bone.

This is the most serious type of road burn. If you or a family member has an avulsion road rash injury, you may need skin grafts and may be left with permanent tissue damage.

When the motorcyclist gets trapped, for example between the motorcycle and the pavement, compression injuries can occur. This refers to any type of crushing injuries.

Scraping is just that, a badly scraped part of your body. While this is the most minor type of road rash, scraping can still require stitches.

Get the care you need

Road rash is a deceptively mild phrase for what can be a very serious injury. Even the most minor case of road rash is susceptible to infection (LINK TO RASH COMPLICATE BLOG) because it's an open wound.
More serious cases may leave you with expensive medical bills and permanent damage or scarring.

If you or a family member was the victim of road rash from a Maryland motorcycle accident, don't dismiss it as a minor injury. You may be facing months of expensive medical treatment and a painful recovery process.

If you cannot pay the medical bills, you may want to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Montgomery County to determine if you have a claim. You may be able to sue for compensation if another driver caused the accident or if the motorcycle crashed due to faulty components.

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