Drive along any major highway in Maryland and it's obvious that road construction is in full swing. In fact, the Maryland State Highway Administration reports as many as 200 active road construction sites on any given day.

This can make for dangerous driving. A Maryland work zone is full of accident potential. In 2009 alone, Maryland reported 1,400 car accidents in work zones and 10 fatalities.

Changes in the flow of traffic can confuse drivers and lead to dangerous last-second lane changes. Traffic may slow abruptly, leaving little time to act to avoid a Maryland crash. Even huge bulldozers merging into traffic can be overlooked in the confusion of a busy road construction site.

Maryland state officials say speeding is the biggest cause of Maryland auto accidents in work zone areas. For that reason, they have placed speed cameras along highways throughout the state.

These automated cameras catch any drivers traveling at least 12 miles per hour over the speed limit and automatically send out citations for $40 each. State officials say the cameras are an attempt to increase safety in work zones.

While most drivers know to look out for construction workers, statistics show that 85% of those injured are actually drivers or passengers passing through the area.

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Local roads on the mend

With so many Maryland road construction projects underway, finding a snare-free route to your destination can be tricky. Here are a few of the major projects underway in local counties:

Montgomery County
  • Construction continues on Maryland's newest toll highway, the Intercounty Connector. The first segment opened this spring, but the entire highway may not be finished until next year.
  • Resurfacing of two miles of the Beltway, between Seminary Road and Columbia Pike, begins this summer.
  • About a mile-long stretch of I-270 is also being resurfaced this year.

Prince George's County
  • The southbound stretch of the Beltway between Branch Avenue and D'Arcy Road will be resurfaced this year.
  • Beltway bridges at Kenilworth Avenue, Forestville Road and Landover Road are under construction.

Frederick County
  • A complete overhaul of the I-70/South Street intersection begins this spring and is expected to continue until 2013.
  • Work is under way on two I-270 bridges at Fingerboard Road and Bennett Creek.
  • The eastbound portion of I-70 from Ridge Road to I-270 is being resurfaced this year.

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If you've been hurt in one of these high-risk areas, consider talking to a Rockville personal injury lawyer to see if you're eligible for compensation.