According to the United States Department of Transportation Bureau of Statistics, every two hours at least three people die from drunk driving accidents throughout the United States. A recent poll actually illustrated that an average of four-million adults have driven under the influence, accounting for a nationwide estimation of over 112-million alcohol-impaired driving episodes every year. If this isn’t scary enough, over 20,000 of these accidents are fatal—making your risk of a car accident death that much greater.

DUI Popularity, Injuries, and Deaths Throughout “Little America”

Although some states have higher risk factors than others, the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles estimates that over 38 percent of Maryland traffic accidents occur as a result of driving under the influence—even though extensive enforcement has increased. In addition to accident frequency, the State Highway Administration Safety Information Database further estimates the following current disturbing facts about Maryland’s drunk driving incidents:

  • Annual state crash record for DUI accidents (blood alcohol level of .01 or higher). On average, over 8,000 impaired-driving crashes occur annually on Maryland roadways, and 35 percent of impaired-driving crashes result in injury.
  • DUI Crash injuries. Over 1,000 serious and catastrophic injuries a year are reported from Maryland emergency rooms as having occurred as a result of alcohol-related accidents.
  • Drunk driving fatalities (BAC of .08 or higher). Drunk driving accidents represent over 32 percent of Maryland’s overall traffic fatalities, averaging nearly 200 deaths per year.
  • Annual DUI arrests. Maryland has had a steady increase in DUI enforcement, resulting in a drastic increase in DUI arrests. In 2013, over 25,000 perpetrators were detained, averaging about 60 arrests per day.

Getting the Help and Justice You Deserve to Prevent Being a Statistic

When you’re injured in an accident as the result of a drunken driver, you shouldn’t be held accountable for your injuries. However, some insurance companies will go out of their way to confuse you until you’re not sure which way is up. Insurance adjusters will to convince you that you’re at fault—don’t let them! Contact us today for a free consultation and see how our experience can help you get the upper hand. You don’t have to go through this ordeal alone—a helpful friend is only a phone call away.

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