“I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!”

That seems to be a common mantra these days. Everyone is in a constant rush, and we are desperate for shortcuts. Unfortunately, that often translates into dangerous driving situations as people try to make up time on the road.

There are plenty of reasons to speed, but there also are a few good reasons NOT to speed:

  • 4. Speeding is against the law.
    Forget the idea that “everybody does it.” It’s still against the law, and can quickly result in hefty fines. Get enough unpaid fines, and you may risk a suspended license. 
  • 3. Speeding is hard on the vehicle.
    Cars take a beating when you run them too fast for too long. Speeding increases the wear and tear of your vehicle, especially on your brakes and tires. Treat your car properly and slow down. It will thank you later by lasting longer.
  • 2. Speeding eats up gas.
    The impact of speeding on your gas tank may be negligible on any one fill-up, but a lifetime of speeding adds up to a considerable amount of money. As gas prices increase, do your wallet a favor and follow the speed limit. Then, treat yourself to a night out with the money you are bound to save.
  • And the number one reason not to speed? Speeding causes accidents!
    Racecar drivers know this only too well. The higher the speed, the worse a Maryland car accident will be. Don’t let you or a family member become a statistic. Slowing down could save a life!

If you or a family member has already been injured in a Silver Spring car crash, you may want to speak with a Maryland car accident attorney to see if you are eligible for compensation. If the other driver caused the accident, either by speeding or other negligent driving habits, then you may be able to sue his or her insurance company to pay your medical bills.

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