It can be unnerving to talk to an insurance adjuster regarding the details of your Maryland car accident. For starters, the details they want may be hard to remember.

Even if they do not seem aggressive, you may get the feeling that they don't believe you or that they think the accident is your fault (incorrectly).

As experienced Rockville personal injury attorneys, we know how to deal with insurance adjusters. Here are a few tips that will help protect your rights:

Stick to the facts.

Accidents happen quickly and leave you with little time to process exactly what happened and why. Keep this in mind when speaking with the insurance adjuster. Don't make assumptions or offer possible explanations for what happened because they can use this against you.

Just give them the facts, such as the day, time and place the accident happened. While they may want you to elaborate, you are not required to do so and it's best if you don't.

Don't admit fault.

The insurance adjuster is looking for any sign that you may have been responsible for the accident so they can reduce your settlement. Even if you are a little unsure of what caused the accident, don't admit responsibility. If pressured, you can refer them to the police for the official accident report.

Be vague about your injuries.

If you've been in a serious Maryland auto accident, you may not yet know the extent of your injuries.
Avoid giving the insurance adjuster too many details about your injuries or current health status. For example, if you tell them you are feeling "pretty good," they could use that statement to argue that you were not badly hurt after all.

Instead, be vague when discussing your injury and tell the adjuster you will give them a copy of your doctor's assessment once it is complete.

Don't give out personal information.

You are not required to give them information regarding your occupation, income, general health, etc. Do not give them this information.

Stay calm.

Even if the insurance adjuster becomes pushy or rude, it's important that you remain calm and polite. Nobody responds well to anger.

Do not sign anything.

Insurance adjusters will often ask you to sign a waiver or release form. Don't do it. These forms usually require you to waive any right to additional compensation in the future. Don't sign anything before talking with an experienced Maryland personal injury lawyer.