Every minute counts in today's fast-paced society. We all know how common it is to find yourself running a few minutes late. Sometimes we try to make up lost time by speeding.

While distracted driving and multi-tasking are well known contributors to Maryland car accidents, little is said about their companion, speeding.

After all, speeding is simply a cultural norm. Everybody does it, and it's really no big deal, right?

Wrong. In actuality, speeding is the second highest leading cause of traffic fatalities in the U.S., second only to drunk driving. Of 40,000 auto accident fatalities each year, 30% of those list speeding as a factor.

So what is it about speeding that's so deadly?
  • While going an extra few miles an hour might seem harmless, any increase in speed increases your vehicle's stopping distance and makes it more difficult to stop quickly.
  • Speeding also lowers your control of the vehicle, making it harder to turn and avoid road hazards.
  • Since the vehicle is moving faster, a speeding vehicle will hit a point of impact sooner, reducing the time you have to react and avoid the crash.
  • Finally, a speeding car will hit the point of impact with more momentum. The stronger impact almost always translates into more serious injuries and in some cases, a fatality. 

If you or a family member have been injured in a Laurel car accident where speed was involved, you are likely dealing with expensive medical bills and a long recovery period.

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If you have lost a loved one in a Laurel crash attributed to speeding, you may have unexpected funeral costs and severe emotional trauma. You may be too lost in grief to go after the person responsible.

Let us help. We can take care of the painful details of a lawsuit so that you can focus on grieving.

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