After an accident, having as much medical information from your doctor can go a long way in developing your case. Don’t get us wrong—an experienced attorney knows how to get the information he needs. However, if you already have those all-important questions answered, then you won’t have to keep going back and forth between your doctor and lawyer.

Here are a few pertinent questions your attorney probably will want you to ask your doctor:

What exactly do I have?
Don’t settle for the simple, “You broke a bone.” Get the specifics, including the medical term. If you have multiple injuries, get the specifics on each of them—and get it in writing. This will help your Rockville accident attorney when he puts together your claim.
What are my treatment options?
You should know all of your options (and costs), not simply what your doctor recommends. This can help your lawyer determine how much money to request from the person responsible for your Maryland auto accident injuries.

Don’t forget to ask what type of equipment or drugs will be used, too. For example, do you require an x-ray or a cast? These are extra costs. Also ask what type of drugs you will need and about the possible side effects.
How long should I expect recovery to take?
Ask this for each injury. Don’t forget to ask about physical therapy, too. Physical therapy is a crucial part of your recovery process and should be included in the medical costs that you and your attorney present to the insurance company footing the bill.
What are potential complications?
Though you hope you don’t have any complications, it’s always good to know the worst-case scenario. That way, you and your lawyer aren’t surprised when something arises that increases your costs.

How will this affect my future?
Ask your doctor if you will have any permanent damage. This may be as simple as a scar or as detrimental as brain damage that interferes with your ability to think clearly. Either way, it’s pertinent information for your lawyer to use in your Rockville personal injury claim.

Keep in mind that your injury may not affect your ability to work, but it may affect your quality of work or it may keep you from a recreational activity that you love.

Once you have gathered all of the information you need from your doctor, talk to a skilled Rockville accident attorney who can use this information to get you the compensation you deserve.

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