You’re a smart, well-educated person. You’ve read the news and seen the signs yourself. Distracted driving is quickly becoming a huge problem in Maryland. Whether you’re in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Capital Beltway or zipping along the residential roads in your neighborhood, drivers multi-tasking while behind the wheel are everywhere.

You know the importance of focusing on the road and eliminating as many distractions as possible. That’s why you opted for the latest technology in hands-free devices that utilize voice commands to reduce distractions. Now you can rest easy while you make those important work phone calls on your commute home because you know you’re communicating the safest way possible.

Are you really? New research shows that the very hands-free devices that have been touted as a safety breakthrough are actually not much safer than handheld phones. In fact, your hands-free device may be providing you with a false sense of security, blinding your eyes to the dangers that are still imminent.

Yes, speaking a command is typically faster and quicker than typing a command. However, most hands-free devices still require a significant amount of attention—attention that could be better spent watching the road directly in front of you.

Is Your Hands-Free Device Really Safe?

Your hands-free device may not be as safe as you think when you still have to do all of the following:

  • Locate and pick up your phone while driving
  • Push a button to open the voice command option
  • Hold the phone close to your face to speak your command
  • Look at your phone to make sure it translated your command, text or email correctly
  • Locate and press the send button

While each action may only take a moment, those precious seconds add up quickly, putting you in danger of losing control and causing a serious accident while cruising along the Beltway. Keep this in mind the next time you open the voice command option on your phone. Hands-free devices are a little safer than handheld phones, perhaps, but don’t mistake a minor improvement for a major safety feature.

Let your family and friends know the dangers of using any phone while behind the wheel. Feel free to share this article and spread the word about the importance of hanging up and arriving safe.